Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 7 Recap: Snow You Didn’t!

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Usually, it's pretty easy to tell early on what the life lessons will be from any given episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In recent weeks, there have been meditations on public versus private faces and the downstream effect of all of those paparazzi. But this week’s episode is basically all about a family vacation to Vail. No life lessons, just a reiteration of what should be the motto on the Kardashian crest: It’s all about family. Where’s Rob? That’s the question that keeps coming up over and over again. While early in the season it looked as if the prodigal son had returned, almost, to the fold with his new house and promises to his mom Kris, he's still pretty scarce around Calabasas. Early on, his sisters make a joke of it. “Who’s Rob?” says Khloé. “Good question. Rob has his life with Chyna,” Kourtney says. In her one-on-one, the eldest Kardashian says she’s happy that he’s getting out of the house (someone literally says that in every episode) and hopes he is truly happy with Blac Chyna. Kris is busy planning a surprise trip for everyone. She has decided to return to Vail, a place that the family vacationed with Robert Kardashian for many years. Kris calls to invite Rob. His first question is "Who is going?" The problem, of course, is Tyga. Rob says that if Kylie’s boyfriend is going, that would “put him in a situation.” Despite assurances from Kris, Rob makes no promises. Back at Kris’ house, Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, and Kylie are gathered in the kitchen. Kris tells them about the family getaway to a secret destination. “I’m not going to tell you where we’re going, but you’re going to need a sweater,” Kris says. Kourtney’s first question is also "Who is going?" She asks specifically about Rob, but the subtext of her question is, like her brother's, about Tyga. Kris says Scott wants to come, and Kourtney isn’t so sure, given Scott and Tyga’s propensity to get out of hand. (The best line of the night happens right here in the kitchen. Kourtney is toasting a tortilla on Kris’ gas stove. “Mom, where is your ghee?” she asks. “I don’t know,” her mother responds. “What goes on in this house?” Good question, Kourtney.) Kourtney decides that it's okay if Scott comes along, much to Kris’ relief. Kris immediately calls Scott with the invite. Kourtney has some words of advice for her ex: “You need to keep it together, dude, and just have a great time with your kids and your family.” It might take a village to raise a child, but it takes not one, but two, private jets to get the Kardashian crew to Vail. Jet number one is for Kris, Kendall, Kylie, and Khloé. Jet number two is the family jet: Kim, Kanye, Scott, Kourtney, and the littles. “Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!” Kourtney says. Kim is still looking for Rob, who clearly isn’t coming. Scott says Rob’s in Kentucky. He was always going to be in Kentucky, at least according to Scott. No surprise that Rob’s a no-show, but Kris seems to have been in the Kim camp on this one. “I’m so disappointed. I’m so sad that Rob isn’t coming on this ski trip. Making another memory without him is breaking my heart,” she says. Soon, the mystery destination is revealed. Vail! The older daughters are very excited to return. Kim and Kourtney are particularly excited to share this piece of their childhood with their kids. They're also apparently very excited to check out their social feeds. “Guys, look outside! Get off your phones,” Kris says as they drive into town. The return to Vail is a genuine family moment. Kris has decorated the apartment with snapshots from prior vacations. She has even invited several old family friends to join them. One particularly funny addition is Todd Kraines. Longtime viewers will recognize the name from the “Hi, Auntie Kris, it’s me, Todd Kraines,” prank call that has been made many times by Scott on the show. Todd lives up to his hype, including during a tipsy game of Cards Against Humanity. “Why am I sticky?” is a meme in the making.
Kris breaks out a photo album for everyone to enjoy. Well, not everyone. Kourtney again says she can’t believe Rob isn’t there. So they call him during dinner to tell him they miss him. As Khloé, who always feels Rob’s absence the most, says, “He’s the one piece of the puzzle that’s missing.” The skiing makes for some interesting and funny moments. The Kardashian members of the family are good skiers, while the Jenners, of course, break out the snowboards. Kanye and little North West stick to the bunny slope and make some snow angels. It turns out that winter sports are not really Kanye’s thing, but watching him play with his daughter in the snow is sweet. Khloé finds out that Tyga is joining them in Vail, so she gives Kourtney a heads up. She also tells her that she has to get over it. Kourtney and Tyga need to come to some understanding. In reality show terms, that means Kourtney and Tyga will have some private on-camera time to talk it out, which is exactly what they do. Tyga is worried that she blames him for everything. He thinks Scott should be responsible for his actions. Kourtney comes around. Meeting of the minds accomplished. The Kardashians' Rocky Mountain high doesn’t last. The family wakes up to the news on social media that Rob has proposed to Blac Chyna. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé catch up during hair and makeup. “So, he’s engaged to Blac Chyna, and he didn’t even tell his sisters,” Khloé says. She's hurt and angry. She says she’s done covering for her brother. Kim says she couldn’t care less, and she’s not being a bitch, but she thinks her brother is making a mistake. Kourtney is the calm voice in the storm. She woke up to a slew of text messages, but she truly doesn’t care. “My brother is the happiest I’ve seen him in a long time. We should just be happy for him.” Who cares that he asked Blac Chyna to marry him? Just be happy for him. That’s her mantra. The others aren’t so sure. Khloé feels like he’s pushing his family away. Kim is concerned for her mom. Kris’ reaction is teased for the next episode after the “To Be Continued” slate. So, Rob’s engaged in Kentucky, Kanye’s not learning to ski, and Scott’s on a short leash. Just another family vacation.

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