Inside Amy Schumer Season 4, Episode 6: In Which Jake Gyllenhaal Cuddles A Ferret

Photo: Macall Polay.
So this is the episode where Schumer really wants us to know two things. First: Fame is hard. People expect everything from you — as evidenced by a sketch in which fans ask her for everything from a selfie to an actual bite of her leg. And second: Despite how famous Schumer has gotten, she's still the same old gal she's always been.
These two claims intersect in a conversation with her comic friends at the bar, where she asks them if she's changed. They say no, and she echoes their sentiment. "I've always been exactly how I am right now." And Schumer takes it even further in a sketch in which she hosts a show called "Down To Earth." It's a show where she proves just how down to earth she is. Oh, and she has a house band led by Selena Gomez.
But the highlight of tonight's episode was a spoof of Catfish, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal. Schumer pokes fun at both the desperate need for fame that some Catfish subjects have as well as the more subtle interest in fame both Nev and Max, the show's hosts, exhibit. In the sketch, Schumer and Gyllenhaal met in a chat room for ferret fanatics. But every time she asks him to FaceTime, he says he's too busy — because he's Jake Gyllenhaal, Hollywood actor. Naturally, Schumer can't believe it's true. But when Nev and Max take her to meet him, it's really Gyllenhaal. But don't worry. There's still a catfish: Nev and Max have been piles of hot Chinatown garbage this entire time!

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