Leslie Jones Jokes About Being A Scientology Telemarketer

Leslie Jones, Scientology telemarketer sounds like the makings of a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit. In truth, it's an entry on her resumé.

The SNL star and her Ghostbusters castmates touched on the topic of odd jobs during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. That's when we all found out that the comedian once worked as a telemarketer for the Church of Scientology.

"They still kinda don't know I'm not a Scientologist," she joked. "Thanks for blowing my cover, Ellen!"

Jones explained her unusual work history as Kristen Wiig broke down with laughter.

"I lived in Glendale, I needed to pay the rent, and it was a very easy interview," she said. "I just acted crazy. Oh my god, I'm sorry Scientologists for revealing things."

Wouldn't that have been the perfect moment for Tom Cruise to pop out and scare her? What a missed opportunity.

Video: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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