A Woman Allegedly Found Chicken Foot In Her Chipotle Order

We apologize in advance for anything this might do to your burrito cravings, but it looks like Chipotle is in more hot water. This time, it’s not food-born illness, though. The latest bit of bad luck to hit the chain comes in the form of a tweet alleging that a customer found a chicken foot in her meal.
Sure, a chicken foot is probably preferable to E. coli, but it’s still a particularly haunting thing to find at the bottom of your burrito bowl. Imagine eating most of your meal, only to look down and see that staring back you. Shudder. And while the accusations against Chipotle are still unconfirmed, we have to note that if the incident was staged, that may be just as disturbing. The tweet has been getting a lot of attention, including a reply from Chipotle offering to “make it right.”
While the only right answer to that might be “invent time travel so I never have to see this chicken foot in the first place,” we hope that the original tweeter gets at least a few (footless) bowls out of the deal. As of Monday, a Chipotle rep told Complex that they haven’t received a response from the author of the tweet.

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