The 3-D Gummy Candy Printer Has Come To America

It’s official. Technology has penetrated every aspect of life, even your sweet tooth. There is now a 3-D gummy candy printer. Known as the Magic Candy Factory, the printer hit the United States for the very first time today at high-end sweets shop Dylan’s Candy Bar. The Magic Candy Factory doesn’t just print any old gummy treats, it’s designed to create custom gummies in just 10 minutes. Finally, you see your name in candy or share an important message with sugar. With this printer, you can get your gummies in any shape and even add edible glitter or sour dust. So, how does the machine work? According to a press release, the printer heats up a mixture of vegan ingredients and produces the different shapes using a nozzle. Custom shapes are turned into coded instruction via an in-store tablet. The printer is then alerted to where and how fast to print, as well as the how many layers need to be built up. It may sound complicated, but Katjes Fassin U.K. Ltd, the company that created the printers, ensures that they're very easy to use.
Getting your personalized candy printed will run you $20. And for the time being, it's only available at the Manhattan location of Dylan’s Candy Bar. However, the printer will also make its debut at the Chicago location on May 23, L.A. on May 28, and Miami on June 1. Soon, we'll all be customizing our candy. (Eater)

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