The 1% Food Trend We Didn’t See Coming

Photo: Getty Images.
Dessert trends seem to be constantly changing. Cupcakes were king for a hot minute, then they fell to the mighty doughnut, and French macarons also had their moment in the spotlight. All three are now stepping aside to make way for the latest trendy confection: the luxury eclair. Eclairs have long been a staple of pastry cases, but a newly elevated version of the classic is making its way onto the plates of lavish dessert-lovers. This grander iteration is made with unexpected flavors and designed to be a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds. New York City is witnessing this eclair emergence as a result of a recent explosion in high-quality French bakeries. According to a report from Serious Eats, the increase in competition has forced French pastry chefs to re-imagine the eclair in new and exciting ways in order to draw more customers. Of course, the fancier the eclair, the higher the price. These haute pastries could run you anywhere from $5 to $8, depending on where you go. Just like the dessert trends of yesteryear, the eclair boom is expected to spread across the country quickly. So be on the lookout and try a bite to see if this extravagant food trend is worth the fuss and the bucks. (Forbes)

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