Taylor Lautner Uses Taylor Swift's Cell Phone Number As A Bribe

Taylor Lautner's a little desperate. You see, the Twilight actor finally joined Instagram, and he wants a celebrity to star in his first video. He wants to dab, because Lautner's hip to what the kids are appropriating these days. Adam Sandler says no. So Lautner turns to a reluctant David Spade. Spade is also wary about joining in, until Lautner deploys his trump card: He'll give Spade Taylor Swift's cell phone number in exchange for his participation.

Of course, all of this is documented in Lautner's first Instagram video, making the whole affair pretty meta. His attempt at self-parody also ends up coming off as a little nasty. The one-time werewolf is more than willing to sell out his ex-girlfriend. Even in jest that's not a good look.

For what it's worth, Swift still has the upper-hand. Her star has only risen since she and Lautner reportedly dated in 2009. Meanwhile, we'll let the fact that he's palling around with Sandler and Spade speak for itself. Lautner appeared alongside the duo in Grown Ups 2 and The Ridiculous Six.

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