Angry Birds Gets Two Thumbs Up From The Cutest Critic

Photo: Stewart Cook/REX/Shutterstock.
Some movie-lovers may be wary of a film based on a mobile game that, let's be honest, the public is just not as into as it was a few years ago. But the upcoming Angry Birds film has already received an important endorsement — the approval of star Jason Sudeikis' son, Otis.

Sudeikis voices Red in the film, one of the titular angry birds. In an interview on the Today show, the actor recounted his son Otis' adorable reaction to seeing the film for the first time. Sudeikis explained, "He literally sat still. And we can't get him to sit still for anything besides Beyoncé videos. He sat on my lap the whole time in a screening room. And the very first time my character speaks, he just looked up at me and was like, 'Dada?'"

Keeping the attention of 2-year-old is high praise for any film. Angry Birds comes out on May 20. Check out the interview with Sudeikis over on Today.

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