Ben & Jerry's New Flavor Will Empower Your Tastebuds

Photo: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's.
What’s the best way to spark a conversation about important issues? Ben & Jerry's has the answer. Serve up a delicious scoop of ice cream for a cause. The iconic frozen dessert brand just launched its newest flavor called Empower Mint along with a “Democracy is in Your Hands” campaign.
With the big election coming up, there’s no better time to engage with vital topics while enjoying a scoop of Empower Mint. So what’s this new flavor like? Well, we tried it, and we’re happy to report it’s sure to inspire your taste buds. Picture this: creamy peppermint ice cream with rich, fudge-y swirls and chunks of fudge brownies. Sounds like the perfect way to get empowered. You can get your hands on it by the pint or at Scoop Shop locations nationwide.
According to the company, the goal with both the campaign and the new flavor is to “raise awareness about the divide between two historically and intrinsically connected issues: the movement to expand voter access and voting rights, and the movement to get rid of big money out of the political process.” Ben & Jerry's adds that democracy only works when it works for everyone. Visit its website to learn more about the new initiative.

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