Become A Real Little Mermaid With The Blanket That Is Taking Over The Internet

Are you over the Snuggie? Can't be bothered with the Slanket? Lay your eyes on the internet's latest wearable blanket obsession: the mermaid blanket. Yes, it's every Little Mermaid fan's greatest discovery: a blanket that doubles as a beautiful mermaid tail. Mashable reports that these mermaid blankets have been around since last year thanks to Melanie Campbell and her Etsy shop, CassJamesDesigns — though she's not currently selling the blankets, which can take eight weeks to make. But the internet is only starting to lose its mind now for the stylish and cozy crocheted blanket. They may have started out as an adorable idea for kids, but they're now all the rage with adults.
Unfortunately, this newfound popularity has made it pretty hard to get your hands, or fins, on one. Seriously, just do a quick scan of Etsy if you don't believe us. People are taking to Twitter to plead with someone, anyone to get them one of these blankets. One woman on Twitter even declared it's all she wants for her birthday. That and Beyoncé tickets, of course. Honestly, we're not sure even which is harder to get right now.
Another person on Twitter declared this blanket would make their naps "1000x better." While others are talking about the push-back they're getting for even wanting one.
It's become such a thing that the mermaid blanket is already earning its own memes.
The great things is the craze is now becoming a DIY phenomenon. If you want to make your own, there's a YouTube tutorial to help you make your mermaiding dreams come true.