Grey's Anatomy Season 12, Episode 23 Recap: A Proposal

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
On this week's episode, Owen invites Amelia to move in with him during surgery, which is good. Safe. It's not like there's a patient open on the table or anything. And then they talk kids and engagement, which only Maggie seems to find alarming. Meredith seems angry because Owen sold Derek's trailer (technically, legally Owen's now, but come on). It turns out Meredith is becoming a little bundle of irrationality, accusing Amelia of taking over Derek's life. Because she has his job and lives in his house and, confusingly, is marrying Christina's ex? Not sure how that one checks out. But irrationality is kind of the general M.O. at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Callie's still irrationally mad at Penny. Because Callie can't leave Sophia, she's not going with Penny to New York and she doesn't want to do long distance. So she dumps Penny. To make matters worse, Callie asking for a switch in the Sophia schedule twice in one day sets off Arizona, who isn't prepared to be nice anymore. Callie has made things super awkward and only now seems to understand the potential fallout.

Kyle, oddly enough, doesn't want his ex to be present while he pukes during his continued illness, but Stephanie basically needs to be pushed out the door. And then she makes the mistake of crashing the party with his family there. Did she really think he hadn't mentioned her? But when Jo tells Stephanie they're going to try a dangerous operation to make him better, she freaks out. Because she loves him, obviously. She finally gets him to warm up to her, though, with some low-key flirting and by agreeing to his fun plans for the future. They kiss — little does he know that at this hospital, a loving kiss of reconciliation can be the kiss of death.
Sure enough, Kyle dies on the table as Stephanie watches from the gallery. So, lots for her to talk about when she goes to therapy. Note to all who enter this hospital: Do not love a Grey's doc if you're a patient. It is extremely bad for your health.
In the last five minutes of the episode, Jo officially rejects Alex's marriage proposal, Amelia proposes to Owen, and Meredith and Riggs start making out in the parking lot. (After an intense argument, of course. Because if anything makes Grey's docs want to make out, it's conflict and elevators.) Basically, it's the circle of life.

Up next week, a wedding and a baby? But a Grey's finale can't be that happy, right?

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