You Have To See This Otherwordly Afro Photo Series

Black-girl hair is magical on its own accord. It can shape-shift—no curl is the same; it can be transformed into a sleek, straight 'do one day, and a larger-than-life 'fro the next. If that's not witchery of some kind, I don't know what is. Artist Pierre Jean-Louis is looking to elevate the manes of Black women to even more otherworldly heights with his series, aptly titled, "Black Girl Magic."

As a part of his series, Jean-Louis photoshops celestial, floral, and forest scenes onto the tresses of natural-haired women. This is a way, he says, to let his female peers know how beautiful their God-given locks are. "A lot of [Black women] are brainwashed to not appreciate their natural beauty,” Jean-Louis told Bored Panda. “Earlier this year, I saw so many Black queens who feel comfortable enough and proud to show their African heritage, so I decided to start this series to let them know how much I appreciate them and their natural beauty. I just want them to see how we Black men see them when they’re rocking their natural hair. We see nothing but #strong #Goddesses & #queens thank you.”

The natural-hair movement is booming, and these coil and curl creations are further proof of its allure. Check out some of the stunning shots ahead and prepare to be transported to a new, gorgeous dimension.

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