We Get It, Lily Rose Depp: This Is Not A Movie For Basics

Credit: George Pimentel / Contributor
Lily Rose Depp has an upcoming role with Harley Quinn Smith, the daughter of comedian and director Kevin Smith.

The movie, Yoga Hosers, is, naturally, a comedy — and, apparently, a father-daughter family reunion, since both Smiths and both Depps have worked on the film. A new trailer was just released for the project, and we would like to know if it makes any sense to you. Really.

Here's what we gleaned: It's about two best friends with the same name — Colleen. They also have the same job, and the same crush. Then, one day at work, a hot senior guy comes in (played by Austin Butler, Vanessa Hudgens' IRL boyfriend) and invites The Colleens, who are sophomores, to a senior party.

Then, the trailer gets bizarre. It suddenly becomes Spring Breakers meets Sausage Party. There are Nazi bratwursts (Bratzis), a Québécois man-hunter (who is played by Johnny Depp) and a yoga guru (played by a bearded Justin Long.) How they all connect? No clue.

Do the girls go to the party? IDK. But they do go to jail. And they Instagram. Oh, and they do yoga, which is squeezed in at the tail end with a line that I guess is meant to explain the title.

Sometimes movie trailers can be confusing, but what the fuck did we just watch? Am I too basic to understand? If you figure it out, then LMK. Thx.

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