Heroic Florida Woman Chases Convicted Video Voyeur Out Of Target

Shopping for a bathing suit is hard enough when you're not being harassed — but when Candice Spivey's trip to Target's swimwear section was interrupted by the advances of a convicted video voyeur, she took quick action. As she writes in her April 27 Facebook post on the incident, the Yulee, FL woman recognized the man who approached her to ask inappropriate questions about "sheer or clear" clothing as the same man who had filmed her in a Publix grocery store two years earlier — while asking her about "panties" and shaving "down there." As the man spoke to her at Target, Spivey began filming him with her camera phone. Then, she chased him out of the store while yelling for someone to call the police. The man attempted to flee the scene in his car and was eventually arrested by police, who charged him with reckless driving and then identified him as 31-year-old Jeffery Polizzi. Polizzi has a history of recording women without their consent and was convicted of "taking photographs of women in dressing rooms" in 2009. ABC News reports that "dozens of women" commented on Polizzi's Facebook post (which, at time of publication, has been viewed 2.3 million times), saying that Polizzi had approached them in an inappropriate manner, too. "[I'm] not concerned about charges... I'm more concerned with his face getting out there and him being stopped," Spivey wrote on Facebook. Now, Jacksonville-area women know exactly whom to avoid (or whom to film and chase out of the building, if necessary).

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