Your Favorite TV Character Is Probably Going To Die Next Month

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
TV fans, the odds are not in your favor. As we move into May and TV shows make their desperate grab for finale ratings, you know there's going to be some serious drama on your favorite shows. Sometimes that's good! TV Line has revealed next month the TV landscape will feature three births, three new pregnancies, and four weddings. But the month of May (and this weekend) will also see 20 deaths. So who's at risk?
There are the characters being played by a departing actor or actress, like Castle's Detective Kate Beckett. There are characters whose deaths have been foreshadowed, like Jane the Virgin's Michael. There are the characters whose lives are basically in constant peril, like anyone on The 100. But there are also some wild cards options. The Grey's Anatomy hospital could sink into the hellmouth it obviously sits on, killing all the docs once and for all (they'd come back in season 13 as ghosts). Or, worse, something could happen to New Girl's Ferguson. Whoever manages survives, it promises to be an exciting month for TV.

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