The Reason New Mom Brooklyn Decker Just Missed Her Flight

Photo: Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
Travel can be aggravating — even more so when you're leaving your new baby for the first time. And when you miss your flight because you were pumping milk for said baby in an airport bathroom? Alcohol may be the only solution, as Brooklyn Decker attested yesterday in a series of tweets picked up by New York Magazine. Decker's Delta flight had been delayed two hours when airline officials announced that passengers could de-plane. So, Decker dashed to an airport bathroom to pump — only to return to a closed plane.
As she observed afterward, the reason she de-planed in the first place was to avoid making her male seatmate uncomfortable.
Whether Decker's seat neighbor was breast-fed or bottle-fed, we'd hope he'd be chill with her pumping next to him. But the reality is that many people remain uncomfortable with (natural, necessary, life-sustaining) public pumping and breast-feeding. We'd also hope Delta would let this mom back on that plane after notifying passengers that they could leave. Failing all that, we at least hope that ice-cold glass of white wine took the edge off this subpar pumping experience, Brooklyn.

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