Did Kelly Ripa Just Shade Michael Strahan On Live?

Kelly Ripa is owning the drama this week on Live! With Kelly and Michael. Sure, the talk-show host took a minute (then a romantic anniversary vacation to Turks and Caicos) last week following the announcement that co-host Michael Strahan is leaving for Good Morning America. But since then, she has not only shown up but done her job like a pro. She moving on, but won't let anyone forget what happened. Today, she went for the laugh and maybe even threw a little shade Strahan’s way. This morning, during a segment with Peter Gros about exotic animals, Kelly and Michael got up close and personal with a hairy armadillo. The little critter wasn’t all that excited about his morning TV appearance, doing his best scare-away-the-predators scream. Something even flew off the animal and into Kelly’s mouth. Kelly did a predator scream of her own. As if his battle cries weren't bad enough, the armadillo also emitted a strong, pungent smell. The stink is also to ward off predators. Gros offered to get Ripa a napkin, but she declined and went for the joke. “I just want to take him into contract negotiations with me,” she said. Gros and the audience laughed. Strahan didn’t. Longtime viewers know that the animal segments are not Strahan’s favorite, as he is terrified of creepy crawlies and snakes in particular. The stinky little screamer couldn’t have been making Strahan happy, regardless of Ripa's joke. So, was Kelly throwing shade at her co-host? Was Michael all kinds of not amused or was he just reacting to the nasty smell? Watch and decide for yourself, below.

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