Disney Needs To Make These Snapchats Into A Movie

Parodies of Disney songs are often enjoyable because the tunes are both classic gems and easy targets. When musician Aaron Ridge turned his breakfast prep into a Disney-style track, it seemed like he had discovered a deep cut off some long-forgotten Mickey Mouse soundtrack. Beware, this tune will get stuck in your head. There are a few lines from the song that might not make the cut for a kids' film. After all, no one wants to remind a bunch of 5-year-olds how cute their breakfast could have become had it not been killed. Still, some Disney fans have become Ridge fans. They're already hard at work on some concept art.
The song doesn't have to become its own movie. It could always be added to a film Disney already has in the works. Maybe Elsa could cook up some steak and eggs in Frozen 2?

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