The Inside Amy Schumer Season 4 Premiere Was All Hamilton & Vaginas

Photo: Macall Polay/Courtesy of Comedy Central.
Amy Schumer makes her return tonight with a very Amy Schumer entrance. It's a spoof on the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man In The World" ad campaign. The narrator lists Schumer's accolades, like "If Keith Richards had a vagina, it would be her," and "Her ass cat calls itself." She's world's most interesting woman, though her mantra is a depature from the ads. "I don't always drink beer," she says to camera, "but when I do, I always have to pay for it myself." We then learn we're watching not an advertisement for beer, but for Clementine Hospice Care For Women Who Lived Like Men."
Between interviewing friends about their sex lives, asking them what movies they'd use to describe their own genitalia, and even questioning the woman who's been waxing her for nine years if Schumer's taint is the normal size, the comedian delivers several sketches that are all about vaginas or Hamilton.
Among the sketches was one that felt a bit familiar. Schumer's in a doctor's office waiting for her pap smear when four congressmen show up claiming to be the House Committee On Women's Health. The old men ask about how many "blood diapers" she used during her "lady curse," and are bewildered that she's 34, has no kids, and has casual sex. Unsatisfied with her answers, the congressmen tell her she must present her vagina to the rest of the committe members over video conference, though we never see her actually do it. Instead, she asks why there aren't any women on the committee. "That'd be like letting the lions run the zoo," they laugh.
It's a solid sketch, and one that speaks to the problem of how men seem to consistently decide the nature of women's reproductive rights and healthcare. But it felt a lot like her "Birth Control" sketch, in which she must ask every man in her life if she can have oral contraceptives.
Much harder hitting was the "Yo-Puss" parody (featuring Rachel Dratch) of all those yogurt commercials that vaguely imply women should be eating a lot of yogurt. In Schumer's sketch, Yo-Puss is the only yogurt that removes the smell from your lady parts. And what better way to prove it than to stick her hand down her pants and shove her fingers into Dratch's mouth so she can see for herself.
And finally, Hamilton fanatics would be pleased with Schumer's final sketch, in which she's running a dance rehearsal and Lin-Manuel Miranda stops in. She gushes over his talent and the musical, and then says, "But then I thought, I could do that." Turns out she wrote her own hip hop musical about Betsy Ross and she wants Miranda to have a first look. Her songs are really just flag sewing jokes added onto contemporary top 40. And all the while, Miranda's waiting on his Uber while Quest Love dutifully plays the role of Schumer's colonial drummer. As Miranda's leaving, Schumer begs him to wait for just one final song featuring a mop. I haven't seen Hamilton yet, so is this mop thing an inside joke about something from the musical? It might have been a little too insidery for anyone who doesn't live in New York City.

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