Period Panties With Ted Cruz’s Face On Them Exist & They’re Selling Out

Are you a woman? Are you seeking symbolic vengeance for any recent violations of your reproductive rights? Are you currently menstruating? Cute Fruit Undies has just the thing for you. As part of its line of Bloody Mary period panties, the handmade underwear company has released a special collection with certain politician's faces in the crotch. More specifically, each pair is emblazoned with the face of a so-called Blood Dumpster — "a politician who has tried in the past or who is currently trying to pass legislation that hinders women's reproductive rights," to borrow Cute Fruit's exact definition. So, naturally, the enthusiastically anti-choice Ted Cruz makes an appearance. Finally, ladies can get that sweet sense of justice that only comes with smearing their period blood across the face of a man who'd like to bar their access to a safe and legal abortion. Any and all political statements aside, the panties certainly seem like a real menstrual lifesaver. Not only are they purportedly leak-proof and antibacterial, but they also come with attachable heating packs for cramps. And for every pair sold, Cute Fruit will donate three dollars to Planned Parenthood. With all those perks, the chance to bleed all over Cruz — and Sarah Palin and yes, even Donald Trump — is just an additional treat. The panties are available for purchase here and, due to demand, may be back-ordered at the moment. It's time to let your flow cast its vote.

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