Your Favorite UnREAL Character Is Getting A Spin-Off (Un)Reality Show

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images.
Everyone's favorite non-reality reality show just released some great news. Following in the footsteps of The Bachelor, Lifetime's UnREAL is creating its own spin-off "reality" series for one of Everlasting's former contestants.

Faith (Breeda Wool) nabbed her own series, The Faith Diaries, after leaving Everlasting in the first season of UnREAL. The scripted spin-off will focus on Faith and her now-girlfriend Amy (Malea Mitchell).

The series will follow Faith and Amy as they try to figure out their careers in Hollywood, as well as their budding relationship. The two were just friends at the start of UnREAL, until at the end of the season when Faith admitted her true feelings for her longtime friend.

The show is now available on Lifetime's website. It is also the network's first attempt at a digital short series. The 10 episodes of the show will be streamable on Season 2 of UnREAL is set to return this summer on June 6.

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