Melissa Joan Hart’s May Reprise One Of Her Iconic ’90s Roles

Melissa Joan Hart played not one, but two '90s TV icons — Clarissa Darling and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. And she's using her bigger-than-average hold on '90s nostalgia to tease potential reboots. On a March 28 episode of FabLife, Hart hinted there could be future plans for one of her famous small-screen series. When asked if there is a potential future for either show, she revealed, "I'm going to a meeting after this." After a few seconds of assuring the hosts that if anything is happening at all, it's in the very early stages, Hart went on to say, "They’re throwing around Clarissa and Sabrina ideas.” The actress described the process of gaining rights and deciding who would create the potential reboots as full of "politics." But while Hollywood figures that out, there's plenty of time to consider what your dream continuations of Clarissa or Sabrina would look like. Clarissa's daughter genuinely exited to receive her mother's hand-me-down clothes because they're totally cool again? Salem becoming a YouTube-famous cat? The rights may be complicated to sort out, but if the potential showrunners are ever at a loss for script ideas, they can always turn to fans. Check out the interview, below.

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