Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, Episode 14 Recap: Switching Things Up

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On this episode of Grey's, we're reminded that Richard still has actual authority beyond giving everyone hard truths. Looking at the happy resident/attending pairs, he clearly thinks: Look at the solid working relationships all around me. There isn't enough drama. We must mix things up for ratings, er, medicine!
Jo is assigned to Meredith, who rejects her swiftly while having some girl talk with Callie and Maggie — hot military doctor Thorpe keeps calling, but she's not answering.
Alex gets Stephanie, but not before Jackson reveals he's started dating again. That will sure make it awkward when he learns about April's pregnancy (that she's still hiding from him). Two of their colleagues already know, and scrubs are good, but not great, at concealing that kind of thing. Arizona tries to convince April to share this important piece of info, only to learn she's not just hiding it from her ex — she's decided not to do any fetal testing whatsoever.
Penny gets assigned to Amelia, but she's still not over the whole killing-her-brother thing. Arizona got Ben, and, after performing a successful surgery on a mother pregnant with quadruplets, they get a gift basket. I wonder if that's common for the Grey's docs? Like, are they all just living off vending machine crackers and fancy jam?
And in a storyline that Grey's has totally explored before, Amelia and Riggs go to update who they think is their car accident patient's wife, but is actually his longterm mistress — which they learn when they're interrupted by his very indifferent wife. The wife is ready for her cheating husband to die, but when he wakes up, injured and confused, he doesn't recognize his other woman, and starts asking for his wife (by the very unromantic pet name "bugs"), telling her how awesome she is and wondering how he could have ever left her. Awkward.
Ben discovers the first major medical dilemma of the night (that's not attached to one of the doctors themselves). Quadruplet mother only seems to have three babies chilling in her uterus. Did one eat the other? (That's a thing, right?) Turns out she's in labor, way, way too soon. They try to halt it, and Arizona runs out in search of April. Is it because April has medical expertise relevant to the situation at hand? Of course not; it's because Arizona has made a metaphoric connection to her patient's situation and her personal problem — she needs April to tell Jackson and get the tests, but April's still not budging. In the operating room with the quad mom, Arizona decides they're only going to take one baby out, leaving the other three babies in, which the other doctors seem to think is crazy. But that's kind of their thing, so they let her run with it. And a tiny baby is delivered. It's amazing that medicine can allow extreme preemies to survive. But, seeing even a fake baby that small and helpless-looking is terrifying. He survives, Arizona keeps the other three babies in, and everything is great (on that particular case).
After being dismissed and called the wrong name by Meredith all day, Jo finally snaps, setting off on a tirade that starts with professional frustrations and ends with suggesting that Meredith "get her own boyfriend." Meredith is entirely unimpressed.
Penny angered Amelia by actually touching a patient, but Riggs convinces her to make peace, at least for the sake of the surgery. They lose the patient, but now they're going to be cordial colleagues, so, silver lining. After realizing she would have to become Penny's teacher, Amelia's all bummed out, so Owen lets her play with the pediatrics puppies. The doctors really need that kind of puppy boost every day.
Meredith's phone is blowing up, but she's still not ready to pick it up and go on a date with hot military doctor. But when her friends convince her she is too hard on Jo, she tracks her down to apologize, explaining it comes from a place of wanting to protect Alex, which is sweet.
Alex corners April, trying to convince her to tell Jackson about the baby, but April insists she's protecting him from more heartache. All this protecting just seems to lead to more trouble. And it looks like Arizona just beat her to confessing.
Meredith is debating whether to call hot army doctor, when he appears, as if by magic. Creepy, creepy magic (remember, on TV, ignoring calls and texts means they're playing hard to get. IRL it means you should absolutely not show up at their place of work). He asks her out, but what will she say?

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