This Benedict Cumberbatch Bunny Is Going To Haunt Our Dreams

Ah Easter, a time when children celebrate with candy shaped like bunnies, eggs, and … Benedict Cumberbatch? Yes, the star of BBC's Sherlock (and popular internet boyfriend) has been immortalized in chocolate, again. This time, it’s as everyone’s favorite Easter treat, the chocolate rabbit. The “cumberbunnies,” as they are now known, are available online from British chocolatier Chocolatician. And they are.... something.
Chocolatician first came to the internet’s attention last year when they created a life-sized Cumberbatch, dubbed Chocobatch. But unlike Chocobatch, you can actually buy the cumberbunnies. They retail online for 50 pounds, or just over $70. So, if you’re a self-identifying Cumberbitch (or just love one), you can purchase one of your very own. We just have one question: how would you eat it? Would you go headfirst, giving the cumberbunny a swift death, or start at the bottom, preserving his haunting stare for as long as possible?
Photo: Courtesy of Chocolatician.

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