Watch: This Woman Called Out A Weight Loss Brand For Sexism & It’s Hilarious

#slim4life needs to check themselves...

Posted by Emily Fitzgerald on Monday, February 29, 2016
Meet Scott, Darren, Caitlyn, and Susan. They all shared the humble dream of losing weight, and one super-believably-named program, Slim4Life, let them chase that dream to its end. Along the way, though, Caitlyn and Susan lost something besides the 102 pounds between the two of them, and that would be any discernible traits beside their gender. In the commercial above, Scott and Darren are identified as a police officer and a veteran, respectively, while Caitlyn and Susan's careers go unmentioned. Facebook user Emily Fitzgerald of Kansas City, MO, tells us she immediately filmed the commercial when her girlfriend pointed it out to her: "I was so annoyed and immediately recorded it and uploaded. As strong women who have worked hard...the lack of recognition for the women really got to us." Caitlyn and Susan may have been silenced, left to be remembered as "just women" in the annals of Slim4Life history, but Fitzgerald says it's important to "continue fighting" those who'd limit women's rights and visibility in the workforce. A good way to start, Fitzgerald suggests, is by "blasting idiots like Slim4Life for their disgusting choice in marketing." After all, if anyone is free to take their chances on a 30-day weight loss program (not something we'd necessarily recommend), they should be free to be more than their gender, too.

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