The Friends Cast Reunited & Spilled Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

If Sunday night's Friends (sort of) reunion was an actual episode of the show, it would have definitely been called "The One With All The Secrets." The actors who play Monica, Ross, Phoebe, Joey and Rachel — Chandler wasn't there, but Matthew Perry introduced the cast from London, where he's rehearsing for a play — sat down to honor the show's producer James Burrows by spilling the details of their favorite moments. And many of these moments, happened behind the scenes. As E! pointed out, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow admitted that they had lunch together every single day for 10 years, and ate the same thing every time: a "Jennifer salad." "I tossed it," Aniston said, before Cox chimed in, "She has a way with it." Unfortunately, the three women didn't go so far to reveal what exactly was in this salad. But, we can assume it's much better than that trifle Rachel made that one time. It also turns out that the Friends were really friends right from the get-go, so the chemistry we saw on TV was very real. "In the beginning, it was not a hard thing," Aniston explained. "We really just wanted to hang out with each other. It was not a 'we have to do this, ugh.' We fell in love and adored each other instantly."
This would be made extremely clear from the moment they took the stage, all holding hands. Matt LeBlanc even picked Aniston up to put her in her seat after some confusion of where she needed to sit. Aniston said the cast would go over to one another's houses and actually watch the show together during the first season. The cast would also watch and try to give each other tips and suggestions. "Everybody was real supportive of one another," LeBlanc said. But the cast was never more than friends, and this wasn't because they had to sign something saying they would not sleep together, as was once rumored. Or, as Kudrow told the crowd, she, at least, never had to sign this waiver. The reunion also answered the question every twentysomething living in New York City wants to know, how did Monica and Rachel afford their huge Manhattan apartment? Rent control, people, all thanks to Monica's grandmother.

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