Actress Responds To The Tabloid That Age-Shamed Her In The Best Way Possible

There are a lot of reasons to be excited for the string of recent movie and TV reboots. The X-Files and Star Wars' return has been keeping sci-fi geeks and media buffs excited for months. Yet there’s often an unfortunate side effect for female stars reprising these iconic roles: the scrutiny they receive for their changed (or in some cases, unchanging) appearance. Well, The X-File's Gillian Anderson isn't going to accept that type of blatant sexism. After The Daily Mail published a spread examining her face and alleging she had gotten Botox injections, Anderson spoke out on Twitter. On February 11, she sent out a tweet with a photo of The Daily Mail page, writing, "If it weren't so sad, this bollocks would have made my day." This isn't the first time Anderson has proven she won't stand for sexism connected to The X-Files reboot. This January she spoke out about being offered less than her male co-star David Duchovny for the X-Files 2016 return to TV. They were eventually offered the same paycheck, according to The Daily Beast, but Anderson still described the fact that an actress would be offered a lower wage, as "sad."

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