25 Confessions Of Everlasting Love To Keep You Warm At Night

Photo: Universal Pictures.
I love you. Those three little words are all-important, but they aren't all that creative. Luckily, the movies are around to spice things up.
Rarely is a declaration of love that simple on-screen. Sometimes, a character — or a director — goes bombastic. Take, for instance, Moulin Rouge!'s "Elephant Love Medley." In other instances, it's more about what's left unsaid. The end of The Apartment is magnificent in that respect. There are also silly confessions (See: Bringing Up Baby) and the eminently quotable ones (See: Jerry Maguire).
In honor of Valentine's Day, we've collected the most romantic admissions of love ever found on-screen. You'll totally wish you were on the receiving end.

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