Dakota Johnson & Leslie Mann Flip The Script On Male Reporter

It started, as these things always do, with a cool pair of socks. Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson, promoting their new movie How to Be Single, were in the midst of a buzzsaw day of two minute junket interviews when they met the cool socks and their wearer, one Chris Van Vliet. Van Vliet was covering the proceedings for WSVN Miami but had no way of knowing what was coming when Mann and Johnson flipped the script on him. First, the women ask if he works out. Then they ask if he’ll unbutton his shirt. He complies, opening his shirt open to a level unseen outside of the sleaziest of nightclubs or Eddie Murphy’s jumpsuit in Delirious. Van Vliet did his level best. It’s not often that the male interviewer is the one being objectified and he seemed to revel in the attention. You can see the power dynamic shift in real time as he blushes, recovers, and then is the object of more affection. Everything is going great until he tries out some pickup lines of his own. They do not go "super well." Still, the women seemed interested in setting Van Vliet up with someone named Barbie, who remained offscreen. Watch below, hilarity ensues.

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