The First Fuller House Review Is Out, Courtesy Of Jodie Sweetin’s Daughters

Fuller House doesn't premiere on Netflix until February 26, but some lucky VIPs (300 of them, to be exact) got to attend a live taping. Among those were two pint-size superfans, Zoie and Beatrix, who also happen to be the daughters of Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie Tanner on the show. Thanks to Sweetin's fancy camerawork and interviewing skills, the girls have given us the first review of the spin-off show, via People.
Now, what can a 7- and a 5-year-old girl offer us in the way of criticism of a TV show starring their mother? Basically, that sense of joy every young Full House fan had back in the day (and/or in syndication). "I thought it was really cool," Zoie offers. "All the balloons. I thought it was really pretty." "The big balloon rainbow," Beatrix says, too. Priorities are straight with these girls. And when asked who her favorite characters are, Beatrix comes right out with "Uncle Jesse, and, um...Kimmy Gibbler." Her older sister, on the other hand, has the tact to put her mom second after John Stamos' Jesse. Beatrix also gives us a preview of a song, called "Forever," sung by Stephanie and Jessie in the episode. If Netflix knows what they're doing, they'll hire these two to host a live after show for every episode. Who needs Mary-Kate and Ashley now?

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