These Gorgeous Wedding Photos Were Shot Entirely With An iPhone

Don't feel like you can take a good picture with your iPhone? Well, you may want to talk to Sephi Bergerson, since he managed to use only his iPhone to take some of the most amazing wedding photos you've ever seen. According to Buzzfeed, Bergerson — who's been photographing Indian weddings since 2002 — shot a three-day wedding back in November of 2015 entirely with his iPhone 6s Plus. It was the first time Bergerson, who likes his photos to look more like paintings, had attempted such a feat. However, he admits that the bride and groom, Ayushi and Abhishek, really deserve all the credit for letting him take such a big chance on their big day. On Bergerson's website, he wrote that the wedding, which took place in the small Indian city of Udaipur, was "possibly the biggest I have ever photographed." "I have covered many weddings in Udaipur before, but have never seen the place so beautifully decorated," he wrote. "It was such a pleasure taking pictures [with] everything, and everyone, looking so gorgeous." The pictures certainly don't lie. But that doesn't mean it was easy capturing such gorgeousness with only a phone. “As much fun as it sounds, it was actually quite a challenge," he wrote. "Daytime pictures were fantastic, but the night still remained a bit tricky." One hint to how the photos came out so well may be how he held the camera. “I don’t put the iPhone to the eye," he wrote, "so I don’t block eye contact with the subject.” That being said, Bergerson doesn't seem to recommend shooting your own — or anyone else's — wedding on your iPhone. “I don’t think it’s going to replace any existing camera," he wrote. "It’s just a very interesting new way of shooting.”

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