McDonald's Has Been Serving Mozzarella Sticks Without Cheese

America was beside itself when McDonald's announced mozzarella sticks as a new menu addition back in November. But it looks like the chain moved through production a little too quickly as a result of the enthusiastic response, because there's a full-blown mozz-stick crisis happening at McDonald's as we speak.
What exactly constitutes a mozzarella-stick crisis, you might be wondering? Well, many customers have been receiving their mozzarella sticks sans cheese. So when they attempt to take a big, gooey, melted-cheese bite, all they get is hollow breading — which basically equates to eating air.
Obviously, the Twittersphere has been going bananas over the unfortunate phenomenon. The responses range from bemusement to plain old anger, all with the very appropriate hashtag #wheresthecheese. Take a look for yourself, below. (Grub Street)

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