This Bachelor & Game Of Thrones Mash-Up Is The Stuff Of Dreams

What if Cersei Lannister were a contestant on the Bachelor? Well, at one point she'd probably have to reveal her whole incestuous relationship with her brother, which would be super dramatic but great for ratings. Then she'd have to deal with a ton of slut-shaming, but she's been there before. One thing she'd excel at? The getting drunk and insulting people part of The Bachelor franchise. How do we know? Jimmy Kimmel had Lena Headey, who plays Cersei, read insults from The Bachelor on his show last night. It was completely glorious. Grasping a goblet of wine — because of course — Headey transformed into Cersei to read some of the vitriol from this season's contestants. It didn't even matter that Headey has never actually seen The Bachelor. Her crowning achievement? Her delivery of the line: "Let's be honest, who wants to fuck a virgin?" Now she just needs to appear on The Bachelor after show in character. She will eat Chris Harrison alive.

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