Here’s Everything Reality TV Has Taught Us About Being Super Rich

Remember the days before reality TV? No? Neither do we. It's hard to imagine a time before the silver screen was dominated by the outsized personalities of the famous-for-fame's-sake, from Laguna Beach to The Simple Life, Project Runway to The Bachelor. But it's the one-two punch of the Real Housewives and Keeping Up With The Kardashians that have really shed a light on what it's like to have millions of dollars and a fleet of ungainly McMansions to show for it.
You can literally get paid to waste other people's time.
The best way to check on your finances is to wave a hand in the air from your plush couch and demand, to no one in particular, that you would like to see your "receipts."
There's nothing wrong with telling everyone, in a deadly serious tone, that sleeping is a passion of yours.
Fun hobbies of the super rich: Spouting platitudes about the way your flawless manicure makes you feel. While tweeting.
They think we're weird if we don't Instagram everything we're doing. Even if we're at work. Or at the doctor's office.
"Being judgmental" is kind of like a mortal sin, but they like to do it anyway. All day. Every day.
There is NOTHING more embarrassing than not having enough yachts.
Going to a therapist several times a week can sometimes have an adverse effect.
You don't have to donate money to be charitable; you can just sit in the same room as other people. It's nice of you.
People don't visit; they come for you.
They often find themselves in places, but have no idea how they got there.
Self-love takes on new meaning.

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