Did You Spot This Pretty Little Liars Mistake?

When you're watching your favorite show, how much attention do you really pay to the credits? Superfans might have noticed the one mistake that a Pretty Little Liars star was excited to fix when the show created a new intro for the second half of seasons 6. Or maybe it was just the perfectionist in Hale who thought there was anything wrong at all.
"I was so excited that I finally got another chance to get my finger centered — and I finally did!," the actress told Yahoo about the new opening. If you look closely at the intro for the first five seasons, you can see her finger is off center during her whisper.
Still, when your mind is swirling with A theories, you're probably not too worried about an off-center finger. Hale explained that a lot goes into shooting the intro for the actresses. "You want to look cute, but sexy, but mysterious and engaging and I don't think any of those came across so…cool!" So when you're watching the next PLL episode, take a moment to appreciate the effort the stars put into every aspect of the show.

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