Melissa Rivers Doesn’t Think It’s “Appropriate” To #AskHerMore On The Red Carpet

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Variety/REX Shutterstock.
It's uncanny how good E!'s Fashion Police is at using award shows as opportunities to spout offensive opinions. Last year it was all about Zendaya and her dreadlocks. Now, it's the concept of asking female celebrities something besides what designer made their dress. The Daily Mail reports that co-host Melissa Rivers took a moment during a panel on Friday to dismiss the #AskHerMore campaign on the grounds that it's too serious. The campaign, which encourages presenters to ask females better questions during red carpet interviews, has been supported by the likes of Reese Witherspoon. Rivers, however, isn't a fan. "As someone who is simply just very shallow, [and] who was part of the original 'who are you wearing?' [interviews], really they are all nervous, they are all excited, they really don't want to discuss serious topics," Rivers claimed. "I know there is the whole movement to ask her something serious, but it is not the appropriate place for it," she added. "I'm not going to ask you about your feelings on world hunger in the 30 seconds I have with you on the carpet where you also have to say who is paying you to wear it and get your plug out. Let's be honest, the red carpet is not the place for depth. It is fun." It's not the first time Rivers has spoken out against #AskHerMore. Last May she told HuffPostLive that the movement should be kept "in perspective" and that it shouldn't be considered an insult to ask questions about one's outfit. It's not insulting, but it doesn't take 30 seconds to name-check a designer. Why not use the remaining time to dig a little deeper? Melissa Rivers may proclaim herself as a "shallow" person, but that's not true of all celebrities. Ask Amy Schumer about her gun control stance. Talk to Jennifer Lawrence about equal pay. Hell, ask anyone what they're reading at the moment or how they prepared for their latest role. Pretend you're having a conversation with an actual human being. Isn’t that what you're paid to do?

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