This Is Shawn Mendes’ Cameo From The 100

CW’s megasmash The 100 is coming back for a third season, and doing so with a very special guest star. Shawn Mendes, Canadian viral sensation and Justin Bieber 2.0,will join the cast for a minute-long scene that includes him being caught stealing and then playing a song to make up for it. The only thing little Shawn is stealing is our damn hearts! Just kidding, it’s a metal circle. Some type of post-apocalyptic future bracelet or something. Mendes plays his hit “Stitches” and it’s pretty well-integrated into the scene. I personally love it when musical guests are asked to incongruously play music in the middle of a non-musical TV show. Especially one as dead-serious as The 100. (Spike Jonze expertly parodied this trope with his 1994 “Buddy Holly” video for Weezer.) Seriously though, if Shawn Mendes plopped down in a dystopia and started playing “Stitches,” wouldn’t everyone stop and say, “Hey, you sound just like Shawn Mendes, who originally recorded the track you’re playing”? We demand more realism in our viral star cameos in CW shows about the bare-bones survival of humanity.

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