Pizza-Delivery Boxes Contain Toxic Chemicals, But Don’t Panic Yet

Photo: Getty Images.
The FDA has banned three chemicals found in food packaging, including that most important and vital-to-the-human-experience container, the pizza box. The chemicals are three types of perfluoroalkyl ethyl, which makes paper containers more resistant to oil and water. You can find them in other common containers, like bags of microwave popcorn and wax-paper products. In its announcement of the ban, the FDA explained "there is no longer a reasonable certainty" that these chemicals coming into contact with food wouldn't lead to health complications. The ban is the FDA's response to a petition launched by several health-advocacy groups — the Breast Cancer Fund, the Center for Environmental Health, and the Center for Food Safety, to name just a few — last year. The petition linked the chemicals to birth defects, poor reproductive health, and even cancer. Before you swear off popcorn and pizza for the rest of your days, don't worry. The ban will take effect soon, just 30 days after its publication. Until then, you can try making those treats yourself, right?

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