You Absolutely Want To See Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Abs

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The powers that be behind the upcoming violent action-comedy flick Deadpool can already count on a built-in audience of teen boys, man-boys, and comic book superfans of every variety. Viewers of The Bachelor, however? Well, that's a totally untapped, unlikely Deadpool demographic. During the reality romance series' season 20 premiere on Monday night, fans were faced with an unlikely cross-promotion called #DeadpoolOnTheBachelor. In addition to some tweets from leading man Ryan Reynolds (including gems like, "If I were on The Bachelor, I'd step out of that limo wearing nothing but white socks and like, 312 candy necklaces"), there was also a brand-new promo for the movie.
The clip — which begins with the actor in full Deadpool gear with, of course, a Bachelor rose in hand — wisely panders to the show's audience by introducing one of the movie's badass female leads (played by Morena Baccarin) and, yeah, okay, a shirtless Ryan Reynolds. We only get a brief glimpse of Reynolds and his logic-defying abs, but it is one helluva glimpse. (It happens around the 12-second mark, just FYI.) Fans of The Bachelor and Deadpool enthusiasts may exist in totally different pop culture Venn diagrams in the long run, but there's one thing we can all agree on here: Ryan Reynolds looks awesome without a shirt on. See for yourself.

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