Lena Dunham Shows "Miracles Happen" With This One Sweet Photo

PHOTO: Jim Smeal/REX Shutterstock
Lena Dunham is spreading a little holiday joy via her Instagram with a sweet photo of a pug and two tiger cubs that she's captioned "miracles happen."

And it's hard not to agree with her, since the photo in question is of a pug nursing two young cubs.

The photo Dunham posted has actually been making its rounds since the summer of 2013.
According to The Daily Mail, two pugs became surrogate mothers for a litter of tiger cubs born at the Oktyabrsky Health Resort in Sochi, Russia after their mother abandoned them.

It turns out, it's not unheard of that female dogs who are lactating will take in young kittens. Though, kittens cannot survive off of dog's milk alone, since it's much different in composition than cat milk.

But no matter what year this heartwarming photo is from, it basically proves dogs and cats really can get along. And days before Christmas, Dunham's Insta post shows that if these perceived enemies can find common ground, maybe you and your family can also put your differences aside for one day.

Miracles happen, right?

miracles happen

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