Everything You Need To Know About Boobs, In One Video

More than 300,000 women augmented their breasts in 2014, but boobs are just one element that make up a woman's life. Whether they’re itty-bitty or larger, breasts simply aren’t something that most of us pay close attention to. That’s probably the reason why we don’t know much about how our breasts work. At times, the average woman probably ask herself questions such as: How do breasts make milk? How is our boob size determined? Why is one pesky breast smaller than the other? ASAP Science created a detailed YouTube video that answers these questions and more — quandaries about which we’re rarely curious enough to ask our doctors. For example, ASAP Science explores how female bodies create milk. Apparently, we have receptors in our breasts that signal our brain when a baby is about to suckle. A baby’s cries signals the receptor, even when it’s not our baby crying. Weird, huh? Breastfeeding, it turns out, really does bond mothers and babies. It’s not some New Age myth to keep Similac in business. ASAP Science also informs women about breast cancer, one of the most prevalent types of cancer. Boobs change and grow throughout a woman’s life, so there’s a higher risk of cancer, because the disease is more likely to attack multiplying cells. It might be annoying to do breast self-exams, but they're necessary. In just three minutes, ASAP Science shows why boobs are wondrous and why we should love them — no matter how they look.
OPENER IMAGE: Martin Lee/REX Shutterstock.

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