Leonardo DiCaprio Handles This Question About Bear Rape Perfectly

In Leonardo DiCaprio's new movie, The Revenant, he plays a man who is attacked by a bear. He does not, however, play a man who is raped by a bear. Still, thanks to the Drudge Report, that rumor is out there. Fortunately, DiCaprio seems to have a sense of humor about the situation. Or, at least the good sense to acknowledge how crazy it is. At the film's Hollywood premiere last night, E! reporter Zuri Hall asked DiCaprio what he thought about the "bear rape" headlines. He responded with a smile: "I have no idea where these ridiculous things came from, and what can you do when you hear stuff like that? It's absurd." That it is, Leo. That it is.
DiCaprio did, however, push himself to extremes for the film. Hall also asked him about eating raw bison liver. The actor told Yahoo about his experience "sleeping in animal carcasses" and "going in and out of frozen rivers" to play the left-for-dead explorer Hugh Glass. GQ has an excellent compendium of all of the nutty things DiCaprio has done in his quest for Oscar over the years. If predictions come to pass, it might finally be his time.

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