The 9 Freakiest Food Facts From Consumed

GMOs — or genetically modified organisms — have been in the news since 1992, when the Food and Drug Administration published its first report on "food derived from new plant varieties." Now, a chilling movie called Consumed, directed by Daryl Wein and starring his wife and business partner, Zoe-Lister Jones, highlights the dark side of the food industry. It points out just how little we, as consumers, know about products we eat every day.
Lister-Jones plays the main character, a single mother named Sophie, who is led down a twisted path as she tries to figure out the cause of her son’s mysterious illness. She unveils startling information about our food culture in America: the dubious ingredients in what we eat; the decline in organic farming; the trickle-down effects of big corporations. She ends up surrounded by genetically modified organisms, genetically engineered products, and many unclear answers.
The information we learned from watching the film was pretty freaky. So, in the following slides, we look at 10 of the most terrifying things that happen in the film and how they relate to real life. The important question you might consider is, how could we be what we eat if we don’t even know what we are eating? These facts are not meant to make you ditch your bag of corn chips or take-out Chinese, but instead to encourage you to see them as nuggets of information to chew on — GMO-free, of course.
(For more on GMOs, click here.)

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