The Biggest Love Actually Mystery Has Been Solved — & You Won't Be Happy

People have a lot of strong feelings about Love Actually. Some see it as a charming love story made even more endearing by British accents. Others find it an affront to feminism. But what unites moviegoers everywhere is the belief that Alan Rickman's creepy, cheating husband is the actual worst and does not deserve Emma Thompson's Karen. Unfortunately, it seems that in the end, Creepy McCreep and Thompson's character stay together.

This weekend, the film's writer and director, Richard Curtis, as well as his partner Emma Freud (who served as an editor on the screenplay), attended a screening of the movie. During the film, Freud did some live-tweeting and answered fans' questions. When one user asked what became of Rickman and Thompson's characters, Freud explained, "they stay together but home isn't as happy as it once was."

Some possible outcomes that would have been better: Emma Thompson's character falls in love with Liam Neeson's character, and they spend the rest of their days making playful jokes at each other's expense. Or, her character goes on Britain's Got Talent, and her heartfelt Joni Mitchell cover propels her into stardom, and she promptly forgets about her cheating husband. Really, it's up to fan fiction writers to right the wrong of this tragic official outcome.

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