Cat Perfume Is A Thing Now

Photo: REX Shutterstock
Calling all cat lovers: If have trouble getting out of bed in the morning because you're just too busy burying your nose in your kitty’s fluffy fur, you need no longer worry. There's a brand-new fragrance with your very particular name on it.

The genius scent-smiths at the online Japanese retailer Felissimo have developed a new product — a cat-scented perfume — with your olfactory satisfaction in mind. No, we're not kidding.

After four months of development, Felissimo has released “Moho Mohu Odeko no Kaori Fabric Water," which translates to "Fluffy Forehead Fragrance Fabric Water." This 3.4-ounce fabric spray is designed to "capture the scent of a cat’s forehead in a bottle," reports Rocket News. Felissimo has already catered to cat lovers in a host of unexpected ways — with items such as cat lingerie and cat futons. Have they bested themselves with this eau de chat? You betcha.

The head perfumer of Yamamoto Perfumery was tasked with creating the scent, which has been described as both sweet and aromatic — reportedly going so far as to spend time sniffing fur-ball foreheads at Japanese cat cafés to check the similarity between fragrances in development and the real thing. The final spray scent apparently takes its cues from a customer survey, responses to which described the smell of a cat forehead as “the smell of sunshine,” “a futon that’s been dried in the sun,” and “sweet bread." (Not to be confused with sweetbreads. That's an entirely different aroma altogether.)

The feline-inspired fabric spray retails for 1,293 yen, or $10.60, but unfortunately, Felissimo is not currently shipping orders overseas. Alas, true cat devotees will just have to plan a trip to Japan to pick one up. (If you're willing to slip your cat into lingerie, it's probably totally worth the 11-plus hour flight time.) And if cat paws are more your thing, fear not. There's scented hand cream for that, too. Meee-ow.

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