What Line Did Censors Cut From The O.C.?

Photo: Snap Stills/REX Shutterstock.
When Ryan Atwood was welcomed to the O.C., so was every 2000s teen ready to get lost in the California landscape. But Atwood didn't get the warm intro viewers did. Luke Ward (Chris Carmack) dropkicked him before offering up, "Welcome to the O.C., bitch." It's a great line, but Carmack says an equally quotable line of his was cut. He told The Huffington Post his character was going to say, "Julie, you are such a MILF." Unfortunately, those policing TV profanity saw through the acronym and decided to avoid an F-bomb, even in initial form. The line would have made sense in the series, of course, since Ward did end up sleeping with Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke). What would have been different if the quote had remained? Maybe MILF would have become a piece of ubiquitous slang even earlier than it did. But the more important question is, does The O.C.'s most iconic line imply Vince Gilligan is an O.C. fan?

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