This 81-Year-Old Woman Beat Her Daughter In A Beer Mile

Photo: Courtesy of Caleb Kerr.
Elvira Montes is 81 years old and now has bragging rights forever. The octogenarian spent this Tuesday night drinking beer and running a mile — not consecutively, but concurrently, in the 2015 FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships. For those unfamiliar with beer miles (beyond that time you and your sorority sister ran down the street clutching bottles of PBR): They involve competitors drinking a beer and then running .25 miles. Then, participants repeat the process three more times. Those who make it through gain the respect of runners and drinkers alike.
The Austin, TX race was Montes' second beer-mile race. But being the oldest person to complete the course that night isn't the only thing she should be posting on Facebook (we're just assuming that a badass like Montes is hip enough to be on social media) — she also ran the mile faster than her 47-year-old daughter, Renee, who finished in 21:14 compared to Mom's 20:24.

So, when you're thinking about bailing on drinks with friends tonight, think of Montes. And when you're thinking about skipping your morning run tomorrow morning, think of Montes. She can provide a wide variety of inspiration.

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