Mama June Opens Up About The Child Molestation Scandal

Photo: Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock.
Last month, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch June Shannon announced that her family would soon be back on television. Reactions were mixed — in no small part because Shannon, a.k.a. Mama June, was allegedly involved with a man who has served time for the sexual abuse of her own daughter, Anna.

In advance of her appearance on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Shannon has been making the rounds on the sit-down circuit. She recently visited the HuffPost Live studio to discuss the abuse scandal and how she's tried to make amends to her own child.

"There's not enough sorries in the world that you can tell her, and I told her that," Shannon shared during her interview, referring to her daughter Anna, known on the show as Chickadee.

"But we have mended our relationship for the most part, even though she lives in Alabama. We don't talk every day."

But according to the mother-of-three, they're trying to move forward. "We've just kind of said, look we're going to put the past behind us. And what Anna wants to do is put it back in the closet where it was, and that's what I've agreed to do."

Shannon also said that when she first found out what was happening to Anna, she believes she did the right things. "I don't think that I made any mistakes as far as handling the situation when it first went down," Shannon explained. "Just to be there for your children and just to listen to them and talk to them and just tell them that you're there," she continued. "My kids know that I have an open-door policy, that you can come to me at any time with anything, no matter if it's bad, good, or indifferent." Hear Shannon speak on the subject in the video clip, below.

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