Jerks On London Underground Handing Out Fat-Shaming Cards

Public transportation can be an awkward place. You're crammed next to strangers, obnoxious musical performances happen directly in front of you whether you like it or not, and if you find yourself on the London Underground, a man might hand you a fat-shaming card.

Overweight Haters Ltd, the group supposedly behind the insulting cards, is now being investigated by police, according to The Guardian. Photos of the group's anti-fat cards have been put up on Twitter, and the message printed on the card includes the header, "It's not really glandular, it's your gluttony." The card goes on to explain that the group "hates and resents fat people." They believe people categorized as fat are eating too much of the world's food resources, and their weight-related health problems are subsidized by the U.K.'s health care system. The message concludes with, "You are a fat, ugly human."

Twitter users are also describing their experiences when seeing the cards distributed, with one writing, "Young man just got on train at Oxford Circus, gave printed card saying YOU'RE FAT to overweight girl. He jumped off. She read it, & cried."
The British Transport Police's Twitter account has tweeted out a call for anyone who has received one of the cards (described as leaflets) to get in contact with them. We'll just add, stay strong — and don't let these awful IRL trolls get under your (undoubtedly beautiful) skin.
Opener Photo: Benedict Johnson/Getty Images.

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