McDonald’s Just Announced It’s Replacing The Dollar Menu

Photo: Courtesy of McDonald's.
Brace yourselves for some grave news: The Dollar Menu is dead. McDonald's has announced that it will replace its beloved Dollar Menu with the McPick 2, which allows customers to pick two items for $2: a McChicken, McDouble, small fries, or mozzarella sticks. Customers will be able to order off the McPick 2 menu for a five-week run starting January 4, though the fast-food chain may tweak the menu offerings after gauging the initial response. Once the test period is up, local franchises will be able to extend the promotion if it proves popular. The McPick 2 is just the most recent in a series of revamps to the restaurant's value menu, none of which have had the success of the original dollar option. The first attempt to replace the Dollar Menu was the “Extra Value Menu” in 2012. When it became clear that customers missed the original, McDonald's tried renaming it the “Dollar Menu & More,” but, as the AP notes, the wider range of prices may have confused customers. Unlike those value menus, the McPick 2 will only offer one price, though not the beloved $1 deal of yore. Raising prices is inevitable, as many former dollar-menu items now require more expensive ingredients to make. The McPick 2 is only the most recent in a series of changes, such as offering all-day breakfast, that attempt to amp up flagging sales.

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